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Wesner Moise

Staff Software Engineer

Software developer with business degree and expertise in AI, mathematics and algorithms. Former Microsoft Excel Developer. Primary background in .NET (C#) and UNIX (C++) with eclectic interests in frameworks, languages and platforms. Proficient in systems programming, desktop and mobile application development, and web development (UI and API). Independently developed multiple large applications—over 100K lines of code each. Ranked in 99.9th percentile in competitive programming at HackerRank and CodeChef. Filed patents and presented four times at Microsoft technical conferences.

Work Experiences

mParticle, Inc.

Staff Software Engineer (2020 -) | 2019 - Present

Lead effort to analyze and reengineer compute and storage resources to eliminates millions of dollars in AWS expenses.

  • Investigated the replacement of SQS infrastructure serving petabytes of data per month with Apache Kafka.
  • Lead backend development of data planning to validate and transform events. Created open-sourced JSON Schema validation library that reduced memory and time requirements by a factor of 30.
  • Developed first end-to-end testing framework, documented the entire backend system architecture, and lead the operational excellence team.
  • Used .NET Core, Linux, AWS.

Adobe / Magento

Software Engineer | 2018

Provided full-stack development, mostly back-end and DBA, support, dev ops functions..

  • Modernized microservices and led/architected server auto-balancing and auto-scaling project on AWS.
  • Applied Clojure, PHP, Javascript (Angular.js), CoffeeScript, Python, Java, Jenkins, Kibana, Chef, Trello.
  • Used AWS, Chef, Postgres, MySQL.

SoftPerson LLC

CTO | 2002 - 2017

Designed and developed website and software applications, using symbolic AI to automate create task including natural language document editor Pensa and static source code analyzer NStatic.

  • Desktop Technologies: .NET stack, C#, C++, WPF, WinForms, DevExpress, Syncfusion, Xamarin.
  • Web Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Bower, Gulp, AngularJS.
  • New Venture Championship National Business Plan Competition Finalist, 2002.
  • MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition Semifinalist.

Microsoft Corporation

Software Design Engineer | 1994-2000

Developed PivotTables features, including PivotTable outlining and banded-report layout, PivotChart integration, structured formatting/selection, calculated formulas, AutoSort/Filter, and OLAP functionality.

  • Maintained Data menu features in Excel including Subtotals and Grouping, Data Validation, AutoSort and Filter, Web Queries and Query Tables. Added Xml file format, precursor to Xlsx.
  • Provided internationalization, multi-level undo, recording, VBA object model and OLE automation, file format, data exchange, usability testing.
  • Granted US Patent #6626959 and presented twice at Microsoft TechEd conference.


UCLA Anderson School of Business

Los Angeles

MBA, Technology Entrepreneurship. Dean's Fellowship.

Harvard College

Cambridge, MA

BA cum laude, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Chaminade High School

Mineola, NY
  • Most outstanding student in Mathematics and Science out of 400

Wesner Moise

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Eclectic interests in frameworks, languages, and platforms.

  • Technical Skills – UI on web, desktop and mobile. Backend. Web APIs. Databases. Cloud.
  • Desktop Applications - C#, C++, Java.
  • Platform Development – Windows (Win32, WPF, WinForms), Linux, OS X, Qt, Electron.
  • Mobile Development -- iOS (Objective C, Xamarin), Android (Java).
  • Scripting Languages - Perl, Python3, Bash, Powershell.
  • Deployment – Github, TeamCity, Docker, Vagrant, Chef, Jenkins.
  • Databases – SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  • Web Frontend – HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Node, React, Selenium, Typescript.
  • Web Backend - ASP.NET, WebAPI, Blazor, PHP, Clojure, Ruby on Rails.
  • Cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP.

Competitive Programming


Profile: https://www.hackerrank.com/wesnerm.

  • Top 4 in US and top 25 in the world (99.9th percentile).
  • Peak rating 2757 on 6/2018.


Profile: https://www.codechef.com/users/wmoise.

  • Top 4 in US and top 25 in the world (99.9th percentile).
  • Peak rating 2676 on 9/2019.


Certificates and Verification

  • AWS & Azure: https://www.credly.com/users/wesner-moise/badges
  • GCP: https://v2.credential.net/profile/wesnermoise/wallet

Amazon Web Services

  • Certified Solution Architect Professional
  • Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
  • Certified SysOp Administrator Associate
  • Certified Developer Associate
  • Certified Machine Learning Specialty
  • Certified Security Specialty
  • Certified Advanced Networking Specialty
  • Certified Database Specialty
  • Certified Data Analytics Specialty

Microsoft Azure

  • Certified Solutions Architect Expert
  • Certified DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Certified Administrator Associate
  • Certified Developer Associate
  • Certified Data Scientist Associate
  • Certified Security Engineer Associate
  • Certified AI Engineer Associate

Google Cloud Platform

  • Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • Certified Professional Cloud Developer
  • Certified Associate Cloud Engineer