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Immutable Collections

I have been successfully experimenting with functional programming techniques, most importantly immutable data structures, in a sophisticated user interface application project. Admittedly, I often use imperative algorithms and data structures inside transient operations to reduce memory allocations and GC pressure while generally reserving immutability for the long-living data structures. Imperative
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The Awkwardness of Functional Programming

Both Reddit’s main page and programming subreddit includes a popular post “Admitting that functional programming can be awkward.” Each of these subreddits have elicited numerous interesting responses. In it, James Hague recounts how a semi-successful Mac game he wrote called Bumbler is trivial to write in C, but that a
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Big Lists

As part of my goal of programming in a more functional programming style in C#, I have been looking at scalable, immutable representations of lists. Some may feel bothered by the log(n) allocations required for each operation to a persistent data structure. However, an operation can be arbitrarily complex like a
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Why Functional Programming Matters

I just came across a paper about why functional programming matters. This paper is full of a ton of software paradoxes. Functional programmers argue that there are great material benefits - that a functional programmer is an order of magnitude more productive than his conventional counterpart, because functional programs are an
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My name is Wesner Moise. I am a software entrepreneur developing revolutionary AI desktop applications. I worked as a software engineer in Microsoft Excel group for six years during the 1990s. I worked on PivotTables and wrote the most lines of code in Excel 97-- about 10 times the median developer. I have a Harvard BA in applied math/computer science and a UCLA MBA in technology entrepreneurship. I am a member of the Triple Nine Society, a 99.9 percentile high-IQ society.

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