8/9/2007 7:14:40 AM


Randal Munroe posted some "XKCD" comics on LISP, which I thought were  especially relevant to my situation.

This one below drawn a while back is called ""LISP" and captures my fascination with functional programming and its remarkable ability to express simply and elegantly everything about the world.

This more recent one called "LISP Cycles" conveys my attempt to use the light side of the "force," functional programming, to overcome the dark side, imperative programming (and --shhh!-- singlehandedly defeat the evil empire in the process.)






My name is Wesner Moise. I am a software entrepreneur developing revolutionary AI desktop applications. I worked as a software engineer in Microsoft Excel group for six years during the 1990s. I worked on PivotTables and wrote the most lines of code in Excel 97-- about 10 times the median developer. I have a Harvard BA in applied math/computer science and a UCLA MBA in technology entrepreneurship. I am a member of the Triple Nine Society, a 99.9 percentile high-IQ society.

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