Microsoft Circles

4/1/2006 8:09:51 AM

Microsoft Circles

Wonder what Microsoftees (or Googlers, etc) are thinking? You can find out through circles.

Amazon has a Microsoft Circle (among other circles) in which the online store ranks top-selling or uniquely popular items at Microsoft Corporation including books, dvds, toys, electronics and music.

I noticed the book Corporate Confidential : 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn't Want You to Know---and What to Do About Them was next to the top of the list. It’s an Art of War book about navigating corporate politics. I wonder why supposedly meritocratic Microsoftees are reading this.

"Your number one job is to keep your job," Shapiro, a former human resources executive, writes in this informed and disillusioned take on the corporate life, so don't ever "publicly complain, disagree or express a negative view," take more than one week of vacation at a time, "volunteer," or "tell anyone what you're doing." When asked to do anything, acceptable responses are "sure" and "of course," always accompanied by a smile. Your dress style "should match as closely as possible the style of those at the top." Don't make friends at work-it's "deadly" to want to be liked. The book reads like a guerilla survival manual for the employment jungle written by a hardened survivor ("Do you feel there's something...looming over your career, but can't quite put your finger on it? It's not your imagination. It's real."), and explains why companies preach enlightened attitudes-but don't practice them-and why managers and co-workers will not tell you about your career-limiting moves. Though Shapiro's this-is-war outlook may fit some workplaces, her mercenary advice won't work for people whose number one job is to get a job that doesn't require these sacrifices.

The book was previously mentioned by Mini-Microsoft, and, while the only evidence that I have is that Cynthia Shapiro lives in Seattle, Washington, I can’t help thinking that she previously worked at Microsoft.

Google Circles also has a list of the most popular significantly unique searches at Microsoft, two of which include searches for jobs at Google and Apple. (This may be an April Fool’s joke.)







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