3D TV Again

8/22/2005 1:24:31 AM

3D TV Again

In a prior posts, I wrote about the promise of 3D TV from NYTimes. It seems the 3D TV meme is gaining rapid steam.

Slashdot last week reported about an interactive 3D display called the Heliodisplay, which uses lasers to produce 3D displays in thin air via lasers and includes a virtual touch screen. It’s not really holographic.

Japan announced a plan to create a new form of 3D TV by 2020. This is more advanced than the other concepts that I mentioned, which are already available now or within the next five years, in that it is real 3D.

The Japanese plan to develop a 3–dimensional definition display that can be view from any angle and that incorporates the senses of touch and smell in addition to sight and hearing. Other plans mentioned in the announcement was the notion of universal communication, real-time machine translation.






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