Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates To Be Born?

6/1/2005 2:55:58 AM

Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates To Be Born?

MSNBC has an article of the same title that talks about the implications of genetic testing.

People, for example, with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild version of autism, may be prematurely aborted if left to parental choice. Bill Gates is reportedly a a famous and classic example of those with the syndrome. These people are often widely known as “nerds,” but many genius have come up from that group. Widely speculated are physicists Isaac Newton, and, to a lesser extent, Albert Einstein. Such screening of these individuals before birth could potentially have a dire impact on society and technology.

The article also refers to an organization, “Aspies for Freedom,” which advocates for people with Asperger’s Syndrome. The organization claims that, while much of society assume that nerds need to be normalized, Aspies often are proud of who they are and see no need to change to society’s expectations for, in their view, the worse.






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