VS Hawaii

6/2/2005 2:03:49 AM

VS Hawaii

As further evidence of the trend towards the concept of “Source Code In Database,” check out this information about Nautilus (possibly part of VS Hawaii) that DonXML uncovered:

Nautilus is a small, focused team within the Developer Division charged with creating exciting, new, leading edge tools targeting Longhorn. While components of Nautilus are slated to ship as part of Visual Studio and other future tools, we are building a complete framework and tool using a clean slate approach to architecture and user experience.

Nautilus is creating a modular, highly-extensible architecture for development tools. A key pillar of this architecture is centralized metadata. Sophisticated development tools must integrate a wide variety of data such as project information, build descriptions, syntactic and semantic models of programs, source control data, and profiling results. You will be responsible for defining and executing the long-term plans for straightforward integration of data sources into the development environment and aggregated programmatic access to that data. Delivering the development metadata strategy and implementation will require working with architects across the Developer Division to understand the various data sources, metadata, and technologies being constructed and how they can be integrated. A deep understanding of development tools needs, end-user, and ISV customer scenarios is crucial.






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