Apple On Intel

6/6/2005 4:49:44 AM

Apple On Intel

I have heard the rumors for years now about Apple switching to Intel, and I disregarded them since I didn’t believe a move to x86 was actually feasible. I see MacNewsWorld had a debate one year ago about the merits of moving over the Intel. 

I know that the press comes up with random news. When I used to work at Microsoft, I realized how consistently unreliable the media is as a source of information. Journalists are never in product meetings, watching decisions that are made, and they come up with these incorrect but plausible explanations of companies’ actions. However incorrect the information journalists provide, journalists’ perceptions do become the “reality” by which the rest of world (even many in other groups of the same company) view the company. Furthermore, the company often plays along.

If Apple is going to absorb the pain this move would incur (though they might benefit from upgrades), then the PowerPC must have been seen as a complete dead-end.

The news articles (WSJ, NY Times, CNET)  mentioned that IBM has been an unappreciative partner and unreliable supplier for Apple, mostly because the IBM PowerPC business with Apple is negligibly small and just break-even. Because of its low-volume, the PowerPC also can’t benefit from economies of scale. There are also other review that shows PowerPC underperforming the x86–a trend likely to increas.







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