Shareware Industry Conference

5/27/2005 11:12:03 AM

Shareware Industry Conference

I am headed for the Shareware Industry Conference in July. With thirty different panel discussions across a range of business topics in three days, I reason that this would help shift me from a development focus to a business focus. There’s also an award ceremony (for which I would one day want to be nominated for) and exhibitor’s event.

This is my first time at the conference. Half of the sessions are focused on some aspect of product development and the other half on software marketing. I plan on completely eschewing the product development sessions in favor of the business sessions. I prefer to focus on my weaknesses.

It will be a good opportunity to meet others like myself. Some stars like Nick Bradbury, who recently sold his company that sells FeedDemon and TopStyle, will be there, speaking in panels. I also recognize in the schedule Jeff Sandquist, Dan Fernandez, and some other employees of Microsoft, which is, by the way, a major sponsor of the event.  Those two are planning to set up a Visual Studio Shareware Starter Kit--hmm... wonder what's that all about?

I’ll spill more details on the conference after I attend.

Speaking of shareware, the Association of Shareware Professionals is thinking of possibly changing its name to Association of Software Professionals. It seems that shareware doesn’t have very good connotations.






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