Affecting the World through Blogging

1/30/2005 6:39:16 PM

Affecting the World through Blogging

I like to think that I was somehow responsible via blogging for a number of changes that occured at Microsoft or elsewhere.

  • Collections. I had previous blogged about poor collection support in .NET and the lack of scalable list class. Very soon afterwords, the PowerCollections effort began; and I know, for a fact, that my post led to or influenced the creation of a scalable BigList collection object (the library developer had previously linked to my post).
  • Toolbars. A employee at Microsoft recently announced that the obsolete icons currently provided by Visual Studio will be upgraded in Beta 2 release to match the current Office/Windows look and feel. An additional 600–1000 Office icons will also be included. There’s no direct evidence that my post on toolbar icons led to the MSDN feedback post that prompted Microsoft to add/update new toolbar icons.
  • Graphical Source Code Editors. I have received a few mails from people, who indicated that they were inspired by my post to develop their own such editors.






My name is Wesner Moise. I am a software entrepreneur developing revolutionary AI desktop applications. I worked as a software engineer in Microsoft Excel group for six years during the 1990s. I worked on PivotTables and wrote the most lines of code in Excel 97-- about 10 times the median developer. I have a Harvard BA in applied math/computer science and a UCLA MBA in technology entrepreneurship. I am a member of the Triple Nine Society, a 99.9 percentile high-IQ society.

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