Google Adwords

8/17/2004 12:59:51 PM

Google Adwords

I just played with Google's Adwords today and it looks like an amazing advertising program. You can try it out without actually committing to it or even registering.

You can target ads by language, country, city, or a specified radius around a particular GPS location or street address, so you can use AdWords for your little mom and pop store. You can then create keywords in which you can specify phrase matches, exact matches, and even negative matches. Google will come up with a list of better matches based on actually searches. After you create the ad, it also informs you of your expected daily traffic, expected outlays and expected search position.

Here's a secret. You can use Adword for purposes, without any intention of buying ads. For example, Adword's Keyword Tool allows you to research on what people think are popular. If you type "writing," you discover what types of queries include writing and how much traffic each query will generate a day.

For software sales, I don't see how direct mail (except to existing customers) and many other traditional forms of marketing can make sense. You have a targeted customer, who is searching precisely for what you are offering. The customer is online and can be directed instantly through a link to your site. The cost per traffic can be as low as a nickel per click-through and you can specifiy a daily budget.







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