6/28/2004 11:59:56 PM


I watched the Steve Job's keynote video at Apple's developer conference in San Francisco. I had previously learned of features in Tiger through articles and blog posts. These articles really didn't impress me very much Tiger initially looked like a cub; however, watching the live demonstation of Tiger features did open my eyes to the beast.


This is Apple's answer to WinFS, although there are still many differences between the two. Both provide instant search results, search folders, metadata support in files, and full content-indexing. However, Apple provides a metadata-enhanced filesystem, while WinFS actually includes relational database technology from Sql Server.

Watching the demonstration really made appreciate search capabilities much more. Instant search, which occurs in a fraction, is really a fundamentally different from time-consuming search in the past. Many new scenarios are enabled. For example, it becomes practical now for applications to leverage and incorporate the system-provided real-time search capability as part of their normal operation--not just for user files, but internal application data files as well.


Safari, Apple's browser, provides a well-designed integration of RSS. The browser instantly picks up any RSS and Atom feed from the current web page, provides fast RSS keyword search, and other features typically found in third-party RSS aggregators.

It's clear to me now that RSS support will likely be offered in all browsers in the future and that the RSS aggregation will be going mainstream in short future.

Other Features

Eight other features were shown out of a total of 150 features added into Tiger: Dashboard, similar in purpose to Longhorn's sidebar, but out-of-the-way and possibly more usable. Automater provides innovate visual macro recording. Jobs demonstated very well-designed support in iChat for video conference will multiple people. In a three-person conference, a single video is display consisted of the individual videos of the three participants, arranged in 3D with reflection support. Very nice. In the area of graphics was support for MPEG4, which adds scalability and four times the compression and performance, and hundreds of system provided professional image and movie filters. Lastly, 64-bit integration and better windows support.

Posters were shown in the conference with the Tiger logo and quips like "Introducing Longhorn" and "Redmond, start your photocopiers." I do agree that Tiger, which ships early next year, will provide a good preview of how Longhorn may operate.







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