Intentional Programming, Again

6/26/2004 1:06:21 AM

Intentional Programming, Again

Looks like there is a video on Intentional Programming demonstrating a prototype.

It actually is very much what I described earlier. Source code is stored in some abstract form in database as a series of "identities," which essentially means the same as object.

Intentional Programming aims to abstract away programming languages, though it can display code in any arbitrary language. It's actually a more general, since it can also represent arbitrary data such as user interfaces and HTML markup.

Intentional Programming can display code in a various ways: C code, Java code, an outline of a parse tree, and many other ways. The view can dynamically change instantly from one to another, such as one language representation to another.

Here is are some papers on IP via Sean McLeod, one of which is En

The End of Programming Languages; The Birth of Intentional Programming

The Intentional Programming Environment






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