Geek Blog Dinner

6/23/2004 4:34:06 PM

Geek Blog Dinner

Aargh! The one time I missed a Crossroads Geek Dinner, and it turns out a lot of awesome people were there, including Randy Halloway and Raymond Chen, the leader of the Microsoft camp that I joined according to Joel.  I already met Scoble. I had a choice, but I consciously decided that I could make more better use of my time, continuing the development of my software. It turns out that they met afterwards for a Burton demonstation of Visual Studio Team system.







My name is Wesner Moise. I am a software entrepreneur developing revolutionary AI desktop applications. I worked as a software engineer in Microsoft Excel group for six years during the 1990s. I worked on PivotTables and wrote the most lines of code in Excel 97-- about 10 times the median developer. I have a Harvard BA in applied math/computer science and a UCLA MBA in technology entrepreneurship. I am a member of the Triple Nine Society, a 99.9 percentile high-IQ society.

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