Chris Pratley Has Second Thoughts

2/24/2004 11:29:59 PM

Chris Pratley Has Second Thoughts

Chris Pratley is pondering whether he should consider blogging. His blog is one of the cream of the crop, and it would be a major loss for him to go. Well written and informative. I look forward to reading each entry he posts. (I did know him for some years while at Office, but I have not spoken to him for several years.)

He feels a little cheapened that his work at Microsoft is boosting his traffic, and wonders if anyone actually cares for him personally. Well, I send in my vote.

A look at technorati shows that he has a rapidly developing fan base. He already is included in a number of blogrolls, despite having started blogging recently. One blogger, Tejas Peatel, calls Chris Pratley "my favourite blogger."

John Porcarp says this of Chris:

If you read one Microsoft Blog (okay, other than mine...), it's gotta be Chris Pratley's . I've commented to a couple of people that this is the kind of writing I wish I could (or should decide to) do more of. Chris is opening the window on why some of us make the decisions we do, and he has some very interesting insight...

KentC has this to say:

You undoubtedly have read a lot of posts on that contain code snippets, insight into Longhorn, et al but for my money there’s no more interesting reading than Chris Pratley’s account on the birth of OneNote .

So, Chris, if this is any evidence, the world wants you to keep on writing. You spend a lot of energy on your posts, and it shows, and the world will miss it, if you stop.

By the way, I am an ex-Microsoftee. I felt a little cheapened too by my Microsoft background. I am really blogging for myself, since it gives me an excuse to write and capture any thoughts that I may have.

PS: In case, you're reading this and thinking that I am being silly; I think so, too. I don't really think that Chris is going to stop blogging and I don't think this post will make a difference. I am just feeling bored and felt like writing something.






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